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Artist collaboration

From time to time Jo will post short articles featuring a variety of glass topics.Recently Jo has been awarded an Arts Council grant to develop the " What Lies Beneath- cut and polished series". It seems only fitting that the first article on this page should feature the artist collaborating with Jo on the project, the master craftsman Gordon Taylor.

Gordon Taylor

Anton Moravec was mentor to Gordon . As a young apprentice , Gordon  had much to learn from the master craftsman  at Perthsire

Two great examples of skillful cutting and polishing by Gordon.

Discussions well underway for new collaboration between Gordon and Jo.

Watch "Art Glass Masters: GORDON TAYLOR Interview" on YouTube


Article courtesy of Paperweight Collectors Association (PCA)

Gordon Taylor trained and worked at Perthshire paperweights and now he is doing polishing work for Deacons Glass and also bringing paperweights which need some attention back to life (if you need any polishing work in UK) - He is a very talented artist and here it is some of his latest work and what he says about these recent creations: "The two weights on the left and right I did when I worked at Perthshire they were my ideas for new cutting but it was never to be sadly. I think they may have been popular with the customers because over the years people have asked if I would sell them and I have had to say no as I have the collecting bug as well as the working in glass bug. The middle weight was made by Dave Moir. I  had the paperweight in the workshop for a few years before I had the idea to cut down the weight. John Deacons Glass made the plinth which I ground and polish and then UV glued the two pieces together. Enjoy.."
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