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What Lies Beneath 
Jo creates pieces at the furnace which are inspired by exploring rock pools.
Such a simple childhood pleasure revisited , Joanne finds a contemplative quality in the activity of poking around in rock pools, feels the joy of exploring and the excitement of discovery under each pebble. The "What Lies Beneath " series encourages the viewer to look a little deeper into the pieces and maybe feel a little of that childlike excitement making their own discoveries.

Ready for Pyramid Gallery, York

All pieces finished and delivered ready for Exhibition from Saturday 27th January until 10th March

A few of the pieces exhibited from 27th Jan Pyramid Gallery, York   .  http://pyramidgallery.com

Yorkshire Post 

Wow . Great article on 16th September in the Yorkshire Post colour supplement. Three pages with lots of great pictures ...even got the front cover . 


The Exhibition Opening Day

What a weekend. The press have been fantastic with radio interviews and a lovely article by the Yorkshire Times .The exhibition was opened by The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of York who where delightful and very supportive of Art in the region.
   " The Lady Mayoress and I were immensely impressed with the quality of the work we were introduced to and privileged to meet the artists and makers."

Photographs of Photoshoot

Gordon and Jo have a photoshoot for Yorkshire Post magazine article about the What Lies Beneath project due for publishing on Saturday 16th September. It was Gordon's first trip to Whitby, so of course Jo took him sight seeing after the photoshoot and topped off the fun with Whitby fish and chips.

Over the Queensferry Bridge and not far now.                       Getting to know new friends.

Gordon sharing tips in the workshop

How did that pumice get up there? 

Time to talk glass.

I am so so proud!

Jo is excited to have been awarded an Arts Council grant to further develop the What Lies Beneath series of art works in collaboration with master glassmaker Gordon Taylor. Visit the glass new and old page to learn more about Gordon.

Homepage (artscouncil.org.uk)